Mercedes-Benz Actros from MY 2008

Mercedes-Benz Actros from MY 2008

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Adjustable Mercedes bed (MP 3 / MP 4 / MP 5)

For Mercedes-Benz trucks of the Actros model (from MY 2008)

Experience real comfort: with an adjustable Mercedes bed in Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 – MP5 trucks. This ergonomic bed is remote-controlled, infinitely adjustable and meets the highest quality standards. Choose between two lengths and promote the health of professional drivers!

  • Stable, orthopaedic shape
  • According to IATF 16949 standard
  • Simple assembly
  • Removable
  • 80% DE-minimis subsidised

Item number: 413900-1-1-1

Well on the way in the truck with the Mercedes bed from ELOISA®.

The Mercedes bed by ELOISA® offers unbeatable restful sleep and maximum comfort during rest periods. The ergonomic design and electric adjustability allow truck drivers to conveniently set the perfect position at the touch of a button. As it has been built according to European vehicle standards, you can be sure that the couch will meet your requirements. Enjoy pure relaxation with the Mercedes Benz Actros upgrade!

Renew Mercedes bed and promote driver health

Due to the cramped sleeping quarters and long working hours, drivers in the logistics industry often suffer from health complaints. These include, among others:

  • severe back pain
  • herniated discs
  • Circulatory problems

In the long run, this leads in many cases to dissatisfaction and inability to work. This is frustrating not only for drivers but also for hauliers. Technical upgrades such as emergency braking and lane departure warning systems can make the daily work of professional drivers easier, but they are not enough to solve the problems.

Optimising the sleeping space is another key to improving the health and well-being of drivers. The ELOISA® Mercedes bed offers an adjustable and comfortable solution. It sets new standards in truck sleeper cab comfort and helps minimise physical discomfort. Upgrade your Actros MP3, MP4 or MP5 with an ELOISA® sleeper bed and attract new applicants and buyers with the increased standard of comfort in the truck.

Mercedes bed by ELOISA®: a new comfort class

The Mercedes bed from ELOISA® offers a solution to alleviate work-related physical stress for professional drivers. It improves comfort in the sleeping cab of your Actros MP3-5, resulting in: improved well-being, reduced fatigue and increased productivity. The innovative design is based on:

  1. ergonomics
    The Mercedes bed by ELOISA® is orthopaedically and ergonomically shaped to allow optimal alignment of the spine. Together with a matching mattress, it leads to deepest relaxation during sleep and rest phases.
  1. stability and durability
    The Mercedes bed is designed for quality and durability. It impresses with robust material and advanced technology. The substructure and the adjustment systems are sturdily manufactured so that the sleeper bed can be safely installed in your Mercedes Benz Actros models and withstand even heavy use there.
  1. individually adjustable comfort
    At the touch of a button, the motorised Mercedes bed can be conveniently adjusted to suit the activity at hand – whether you want to read, have a relaxing sleep or simply sit upright. No more cramped postures in the cramped passenger seat or sleepless nights on spartan couches! The head and foot sections of the bed can be raised or lowered as required, so that you can be comfortable in the sleeping cabin of an Actros MP5 in either an upright sitting or reclining position.

If you invest in the installation of ELOISA® Mercedes beds as a Mercedes-Benz partner or workshop owner, you can improve the working conditions of the drivers. By providing more comfort and better rest in your trucks, you increase the attractiveness of your vehicles for qualified workers. This can give you a competitive advantage over other Mercedes Benz dealers or hauliers in the labour market.

The ELOISA® sleeper couch system for Actros models contains:

  • MY: 2008 – today
  • Cab: 2,3m & 2,5m width
  • Couch width: 2.0m
  • Input voltage: 24 V
  • No. of motors: 2
  • For person weight up to: 150 kg
  • Head section alignment: Left-hand driving direction
  • Approval: KBA (E1*10R05/01*9295*00)

High-quality materials for Actros sleeper cabs

The ELOISA® Mercedes bed was developed to optimally support the body – and follows orthopaedic standards. 45 springwood slats attached to a robust aluminium frame with double-jointed rubber caps provide flexibility and stability. The KBA standard, used by leading car manufacturers in Europe, stands for the highest quality standards and ensures a long service life for the kit materials.

The ELOISA® bed system comes with:

  • Electrically adjustable truck bed
  • hand-held remote control
  • vehicle connection cable (4m)
  • flat plug fuse (4A)
  • installation set
  • Documentation

Choose between two options:

The Mercedes bed by ELOISA® is available in two different lengths:

  • Option 1: 2.0 m long
  • Option 2: 2.2 m long

When purchasing the product, note how much space the original bed module of your Mercedes Benz Actros model requires.

However, the 2.0 m version is not suitable for a vehicle with Solo Star cabs and is only made to order. In this case, please contact us for an estimate of the delivery time.

Fit adjustable Mercedes bed in the vehicle

Fit the ELOISA® Mercedes bed as a replacement for the standard bed system in Mercedes Benz Actros models. With a few simple steps, the construction can be quickly installed in Actros MP 3 vehicles, for example. When installing, remember to select the correct size of the sleeping berth. A 2.0-metre-long and a 2.2-metre-long version are available – depending on the dimensions of the standard lying surface of your vehicle.

You do not have to worry about possible damage during installation or removal: The Mercedes bed from ELOISA® was specially developed for easy installation in the system of the Actros models. The area under the bed remains – as originally intended by Mercedes-Benz – foldable and adjustable.

Ask a specialist garage or Mercedes partner for a professional connection of the technical component on site. This way, your vehicle insurance remains valid even after the conversion.

Download installation instructions

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