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More well-being during the rest periods

Fewer days of sick leave and absenteeism

Certified quality standard according to IATF 16949


The ELOISA® comfort lounger for your truck

The innovative truck bed can be adjusted steplessly and electrically. Here, the name ELOISA® says it all:

Ergonomic couch for optimal, individual sleeping and resting


The ELOISA® comfort lounger for your truck

The innovative truck bed can be adjusted steplessly and electrically. Here, the name ELOISA® says it all:

Ergonomic couch for optimal, individual sleeping and resting

Better sleep & relax on the road!

Ergonomically shaped and electrically adjustable: With these features, the innovative truck bed from ELOISA® is a great help for drivers and hauliers alike. Upgrading your truck sleeping cabin has the following advantages:
For Drivers:
  • Individually adjustable
  • protects the back
  • better rest on the road
  • better ventilation
  • prevents reflux (also in inclined parking position)
For forwarders:
  • Healthy, satisfied employees
  • An incentive for new skilled workers

The right bed for your truck

Each ELOISA® truck bed was developed for a specific vehicle type. This means that the bed fits exactly into the corresponding truck cabin and its original bed. The folding function of the original bed remains intact.

Upgrading the truck bed with ELOISA® couch – This is how it works

In just a few steps to more comfort in the truck cabin and its bed – How to upgrade your vehicle with an adjustable truck bed:

Choose a suitable model

Different vehicle, different bed: Every truck has a different size and different basic functions. For a smooth and safe installation, it is therefore important to choose the truck bed that matches the vehicle. The manufacturer’s name as well as the truck series must therefore absolutely match.

Mount the lounger & enjoy

Install your new truck bed in the sleeping cabin. Our instructions guide you step by step through the assembly. Then the bed is already ready: Up or down – adjust the position of the sleeping couch by remote control and experience pure comfort.

Stable and flexible at the same time: the truck bed by ELOISA ®

High-quality material and sophisticated technology make the truck bed by ELOISA® a robust but adaptable product:

High stability thanks to robust aluminium frame

Lordosis support against back pain

45 springwood slats for a feather-light lying feeling

Reinforced bearing points for high load

verstellbare LKW-Liege

You decide: Truck bed or truck seat?

Switch between positions at the touch of a button: The truck bed by ELOISA® is motorised and thus electrically adjustable. With the help of a remote control, you can raise and lower the head and foot sections – and thus adjust them individually.

The truck cabin and its bed thus become a place on the road where drivers not only sleep well. The bed is also suitable for watching television or reading during short breaks.

Frequently asked questions about the ELOISA® truck bed

Are you interested in an adjustable truck bed from ELOISA®, but need more information? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

The cost of an ELOISA® truck bed varies from model to model. Which model is suitable for your vehicle depends on the manufacturer as well as the vehicle series.

Yes, the truck bed is also recommended for leased vehicles. The ELOISA® bed was developed to fit the respective truck cab. It is just as long and wide as the standard beds. This means that installation and removal in the truck cab is completely uncomplicated. If you follow our instructions, the vehicle lying surface and the original mattress remain undamaged. When you return your vehicle after the agreed leasing period, you can simply remove the adjustable sleeping and comfort bed again and restore the bed to its original condition.

Another plus: The truck bed from ELOISA® usually has a total weight similar to the original bed. If you retrofit the beds in the driver’s cab with ELOISA® beds, you only have to reckon with a little extra weight due to the new equipment.

Whether Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Ford or MAN model: All ELOISA® products have been developed according to the approval of the Federal Motor Transport Authority with a focus on the highest quality features. This means that the material and the construction of the couch meet the common standards of renowned European automobile manufacturers. The sleeping stretcher can therefore be installed in a suitable vehicle without any problems.

Do you still have questions?
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Do you still have questions?
Contact us now!