MAN TGX until MY 2019

MAN TGX until MY 2019

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MAN TGX until MY 2019
Suitable for TGX Line models with XXI, XLX, XL cab up to model year 2019

More ergonomics and comfort for professional drivers – with a continuously adjustable substructure for the truck mattress in MAN trucks. Adjust your lying position at the touch of a button and enjoy a fantastic sitting and lying feeling. Thanks to the sophisticated design, the bed is stable and resilient. One thing is guaranteed: With the ELOISA® truck equipment you promote the health of your drivers – and your attractiveness for skilled workers!

  • Stable, orthopaedic shape
  • Produced according to the highest quality standards
  • Simple assembly
  • Removable
  • 80% DE-minimis subsidised (Germany)


Item number: 413500-1-1

Upgrade truck bed for MAN vehicles with the ELOISA® sleeping couch

Different from the others: Unlike conventional truck beds, the ELOISA® base for the truck mattress in MAN vehicles is ergonomically shaped and infinitely adjustable – just the way you want it! A quiet night in the truck and relaxed rest breaks are assured with the ELOISA® couch. This model was developed according to automotive standards of renowned car and truck brands and fits perfectly into the sleeping cabs of MAN vehicles of the TGX-Line (until model year 2019).

Promoting good sleep and health – with adjustable truck beds

The innovative truck comfort bed for MAN motor vehicles puts an end to reflux, back pain, slipped discs and circulatory problems among drivers. Because the health complaints arise due to cramped, poorly equipped sleeping cabins in which professional drivers spend the majority of their working hours. In the long term, such health problems can lead to a reduced quality of life, which in turn leads to great dissatisfaction and high levels of sick leave among drivers. Instead of continuing to accept this situation, truck drivers and hauliers can install an adjustable couch. This is how you fight the shortage of skilled workers!

These are the advantages offered by ELOISA® couches under the truck mattress in MAN models

An electrically adjustable bed under the truck mattress in MAN models improves the working conditions of professional drivers. The ELOISA® couch for MAN TGX Line models, for example, increases sleeping cab comfort:

  1. Ergonomics
    Perfect for your spine: thanks to ergonomic adaptability, an ELOISA® base together with the truck mattress for MAN motor vehicles effectively protects users from back pain and co. With this support, even long-distance drivers can sleep restfully
  1. Stability and durability
    Only stable materials are used in the ELOISA® substructure for the truck mattress in MAN trucks. The product is not affected by high loads. Together with its adjustment technology, it remains stable and in top condition over the long term. This means that the ELOISA® sleeping couch is an investment that will ensure a satisfying night’s sleep for a long time to come.
  1. Individually adjustable comfort
    A push of a button is all it takes to adjust the truck bed for MAN trucks with the help of the innovative substructure. Thanks to motorisation and a practical remote control, you can use the sleeper couch both sitting and lying down: The height of the head and foot sections is infinitely adjustable. This is practical during breaks when you want to read or watch videos, for example. During rest breaks, you sleep gently on the accompanying mattresses – and thus recover effectively for the next stage of your journey!

Stand by professional drivers and improve their everyday working life. Installing an adjustable bed under the truck mattress in the MAN truck can be a big step in this direction. But such substructures are also helpful for hauliers and MAN dealers: because better-equipped vehicles boost your popularity with potential employees or buyers.

Adjustable couch for MAN TG2 models: technical aspects

  • Year of construction: 2009 – 2020
  • Cab: XXL / XLX / XL
  • Input voltage: 24 V
  • Number of motors: 2
  • For passenger weight up to: 150 kg
  • Head section alignment: Driving direction right

High-quality construction for high sleeping comfort on the road

The bed for the truck mattress in MAN models of the TGX series combines resilience with flexibility: the bed’s substructure is made of robust aluminium. 45 springwood slats make the sleeping couch flexible enough to adapt ergonomically to the body. They are arranged so closely that the optionally available 10 cm high ELOISA® mattress lies optimally on them. The substructure and mattresses are designed as a retrofit, following applicable automotive standards and requirements of European manufacturers.

Scope of delivery of the substructure:

The substructure of the truck mattress for MAN TGX Line models is made of the highest quality materials. This product is the main bed construction. You can purchase the matching mattresses separately. Supplied with the substructure are:

  • Electrically adjustable truck bed
  • hand-held remote control
  • vehicle connection cable (4m)
  • flat plug fuse (4A)
  • assembly set
  • Documentation

To install a new bed under the truck mattress in MAN TGX vehicles up to MY2019:

The ELOISA® construction is installed under the truck mattress for MAN TGX Line models without damaging the sleeping cab. It was developed to fit the dimensions of the lying surface in the TGX model exactly and does not have to remain permanently installed forever: The couch can be easily installed and later removed again. Even after the conversion, you can still fold up and properly lock the truck bed and even use the original mattress. All these aspects are important for the assembly, but also a possible dismantling, for example in leased vehicles. In this case, simply replace the ELOISA® bed with the corresponding TGX substructure.

Download installation instructions

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