SCANIA R/S from MY 2016

SCANIA R/S from MY 2016

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Scania bed by ELOISA® – Adjustable bed for R and S Scania trucks (Scania New Generation)

Ergonomic bed for more comfort in truck sleeper cabs – specially developed for Scania R- or S-series vehicles (Scania New Generation). The Scania bed is infinitely adjustable by remote control and complies with IATF 16949 standard. Improve your drivers’ health and increase your attractiveness as an employer!

  • Stable, orthopaedic shape
  • Conforms to IATF 16949 standard
  • Simple assembly
  • Removable
  • 80% DE-minimis promoted



Item number: 413800

The Scania bed: basic features

A revolution in truck sleeping cabins: the Scania bed. The orthopaedic, electrically adjustable bed maximises the comfort of drivers during sleep and rest phases. This is because the innovative design combines ergonomics with individual adjustment. This version of the ELOISA® beds was developed according to European automotive standards for the Scania trucks of the R and S models (Scania New Generation*).

The Scania bed counteracts these problems:

In the sleeper cabs of Scania trucks, a Scania bed addresses the biggest problem in the automotive and logistics industry: The difficult working conditions of professional drivers and the resulting shortage of skilled workers. The spatially restricted life in sleeping cabins with inadequate equipment regularly leads to physical complaints among drivers. These include, above all, severe back pain, slipped discs and circulatory problems. For workers, this means a reduced quality of life. Employers, on the other hand, are confronted with dissatisfied employees, as well as increased absenteeism and long-term incapacity to work in the workforce.

*A prerequisite for the installation of our couch is that the vehicle is equipped with an extendable couch surface. (Special equipment) The ability to widen the lying surface IS NOT applicable after installation of ELOISA®.

Take advantage of the innovative Scania bed!

The Scania bed is an effective measure against physical discomfort and lack of comfort in the truck driver’s everyday working life. Your advantages at a glance:

  1. ergonomics
    The truck bed features an orthopaedic, ergonomically shaped lower construction. The 10cm thick mattress consists of an adaptable foam mix (poly- and memory foam). All in all, the Scania bed by ELOISA® prevents back pain, for example, thanks to the sophisticated mattress-roost combination.
  2. Stability and durability
    Thanks to high-quality materials and a sophisticated construction, the product is firmly mounted in the sleeping cabin and can withstand heavy loads. High body weight and long-term use do not affect the substructure, the mattresses supplied and the adjustment technology!
  1. individually adjustable comfort
    The ELOISA® brand couch can be electrically adjusted to your personal lying needs. Adjust the head or foot section according to your wishes – steplessly and all by remote control! Make yourself comfortable in an upright sitting or lying position. This way you can read or watch TV more relaxed than in the cramped passenger seat. And best of all: at night you sleep like on clouds!

As a haulage contractor, do something for the well-being of your drivers and have the Scania bed installed in your Scania New Generation trucks! By promoting the health of your employees, you retain employees and make your company attractive to new professionals. As a workshop, you also benefit from the adjustable bed: the Scania bed increases the sales value of your Scania trucks and gives you an advantage over other dealers!

The Scania bed: technical data at a glance

  • MY: 2016 – today
  • Mattress: 215cm x 68cm x 10cm
  • Input voltage: 24 V
  • Number of motors: 2
  • For person weight up to: 150 kg
  • Head section alignment: right-hand direction of travel
  • Approval: KBA (E1*10R05/01*9295*01)

This is how the Scania bed is constructed

Stable and flexible at the same time – that’s how the Scania bed is designed. A bed frame made of aluminium ensures high load-bearing capacity. The lying surface consists of 45 closely arranged, stable springwood slats that are attached to the frame by double-jointed rubber caps. The mattress supplied consists of a comfortable, 10 cm thick mixture of poly and memory foam. This construction allows the bed to adapt flexibly to any body. In this way, the bed guarantees drivers maximum comfort in the long term during sleep and rest breaks.

The design also complies with all applicable regulations and European automotive standards in accordance with IATF 16949. Proper installation and trouble-free use are thus guaranteed!

The Scania bed is supplied with:

  • Electrically adjustable truck bed (for Scania New Generation vehicles)
  • hand-held remote control
  • fitting mattress
  • Insert front console
  • Vehicle connection cable (4m)
  • Flat plug fuse (4A)
  • Assembly kit
  • Documentation

Scania bed: Upgrade of the built-in pull-out mattress by ELOISA®

With the Scania bed you can install the perfect rest in your Scania R or S sleeper cab – it has been developed to fit the designated reclining area of the Scania New Generation models. The standard pull-out mattress is replaced by the adjustable ELOISA® version, but for all Scania New Generation models, the lying area remains foldable upwards as usual, even with the new Scania bed.

You want to load leased trucks or simply remain flexible? Don’t worry! The Scania bed can be removed again after use and the original mattress put back in.

If you want to install the Scania bed in your vehicle, you will find the appropriate instructions in the download area.

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