MAN TGX from MY 2020

MAN TGX from MY 2020



Adjustable bed for MAN models (MY 2020)

The ELOISA® bed for MAN vehicles offers truck drivers superior comfort. Upgrade MAN TG3 models (MY 2020) and create a competitive advantage over other dealers and employers. Because the bed is ergonomically shaped and infinitely adjustable at the touch of a button – and therefore valuable for the driver’s health!

  • Stable, orthopaedic shape
  • Produced according to the highest quality standards
  • Simple assembly
  • Removable
  • 80% DE-minimis promoted (in Germany)



Item number: 413550-1-1-1

New bed for MAN trucks

The innovative bed for MAN trucks is the ideal companion for professional drivers. The bed was developed according to the standards of European automotive brands and can be installed in MAN TG3 models (MY 2020). In combination with the MAN mattress, the ELOISA® technology enables drivers to rest healthily during sleep and rest breaks. The converted sleeping surface is remote-controlled and individually adjustable.

Upgrade of original MAN bed

Drivers in the logistics industry are often confronted with health complaints and long-term incapacity to work. For example, professional drivers often suffer from

  • severe back pain
  • slipped discs
  • Circulatory problems
  • Reflux

Technical upgrades such as emergency braking and lane departure warning systems are often not enough to make the daily work of professional drivers more attractive and to overcome the shortage of skilled workers. If you want to improve driver comfort and health, you should also optimise the truck sleeping cabin.

The bed for MAN vehicles developed by ELOISA® relieves truck drivers in their everyday work: the ergonomic bed promotes good sleep and restful rest phases. This is not only an advantage for drivers, but also for workshops and employers. Show more commitment to the well-being of drivers and make yourself more attractive to competitors!

Enjoy the following advantages with an adjustable bed in the MAN truck

The ELOISA® bed for MAN trucks has a relieving and gentle effect. This applies both to night-time rest and to the legally prescribed breaks. The basis of the innovative design lies in the three guiding principles of the ELOISA® beds:

  1. Ergonomics
    The adjustable bed for MAN TGX MY2020 offers orthopaedic and ergonomic support. The shape and material of the sleeping couch relieve the spine. The result: drivers recover better and are more concentrated at work.
  1. Stability and durability
    Robust material and advanced technology ensure that the bed can be safely installed in MAN vehicles of the TGX series. The bed construction is designed for high loads and long-term use. Restful breaks – even after thousands of kilometres!
  1. Individually customisable comfort
    The electric bed for MAN vehicles can be adjusted with a remote control. The height of the head or foot section of the mattress can thus be individually adjusted. Whether you want to read, sleep or simply relax: The couch can be positioned so that you can sit and sleep comfortably in the sleeping cabin. No more cramped postures on the cramped passenger seat or sleepless nights on spartan couches – the MAN bed offers you the comfort you need!

If you as a haulier invest in an ELOISA® bed for MAN vehicles, the advantages go far beyond the benefits of purely technical improvements – such as emergency braking and lane departure warning systems. Professional drivers benefit from the comfort of this innovative sleeping solution, which makes their working day more pleasant and attractive – an important factor in view of the current shortage of skilled workers.

As a MAN partner or workshop owner, you can create new incentives with the adjustable couch: Sell more vehicles by upgrading the sleeping cabins and convince potential employees by offering them new benefits.

Adjustable bed in the MAN truck: technical details

  • MY: 2020 – today
  • Cab: GX / GM / GN
  • Input voltage: 24 V
  • Number of motors: 2
  • For passenger weight up to: 150 kg
  • Head section alignment: Driving direction right
  • Approval: KBA (E1*10R05/01*9295*01)

An adjustable bed for MAN trucks of the TGX series (from MY 2020)

The adjustable bed for MAN vehicles has been developed according to orthopaedic standards to enable optimum adaptation to the natural shape of the body. 45 springwood slats – robust and fixed at close intervals to the aluminium bed frame – provide the necessary flexibility of the bed. The high-quality material as well as the construction according to the highest quality standards (IATF16949 standard) promote continuous stability and resilience at the same time.

The MAN-TG3 Sleeping Couch is supplied with:

  • Electrically adjustable truck bed
  • hand-held remote control
  • vehicle connection cable (4m)
  • flat plug fuse (4A)
  • installation set
  • Documentation

Fitting a new bed in MAN vehicles: This is how it’s done!

You want to install an ELOISA® bed in MAN models? Installation is simple and will not damage your vehicle, as the entire construction is designed for the lying surface dimensions of the MAN TG3 models. Install the substructure, have the electrics connected by a specialist company and add the MAN mattress – done!

You will find detailed instructions for assembly in our download area.

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